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Aude’s sophrology’s column – What if stress wasn’t so bad after all ?

In General on April 22, 2014 at 12:14 pm

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The heart of today’s women beats to the rhythm of responsibility overload, constant anxiety about what may happen, difficulty managing their time which is often linked to the desire to want to do everything themselves.

This small daily dose of adrenaline allows us to present our work projects in a clear and intelligent manner, this heart which beats faster and helps us to overcome the meeting with our child’s maths teacher, the sweaty palms that we try and hide when it comes to signing an important contract, all these uncontrollable physical manifestations makes us vulnerable.

However, the heart that beats too fast under the influence of adrenaline is in fact energised to allow it to face a number of challenges.
The extraordinary thing is that stress hides a secret weapon, oxytocin dubbed the “cuddle hormone”. A name that is worth more than we give it credit for! In effect, this hormone protects our heart against the effects of adrenaline and makes us more human! Because after each stressful moment, we are programmed to turn to one another and feel more compassion.

U.S. studies by psychologist Kelly McGonigal have shown that if we rethink stress and learn to understand its mechanism in its entirety, it would be possible for us to live healthier lives, as humanly possible. It’s important to understand that stress is not a bad thing when it is controlled; it is a tool at our disposal.

So, the next time that you spread gifts to beat your challenge, that you get a boost of adrenaline, remember that oxytocin prompts you to turn to your colleague and talk to them, to turn to your child and take them in your arms, catch your favourite person on the phone and talk to someone you love, to reach out to others in order for your body to complete its full stress cycle. So, extend your hands, open your heart, share, reach out to others, it’s the key to happiness and mastering stress!

If you want to know more, I recommend watching the TED talk by Kelly McGonigal:

”It’s not stress that kills us but our reaction to stress.” Hans Selye

*Aude, Sophrologist.


Sophrology can help with exam stress

In General on August 19, 2013 at 5:05 pm

Sophrology can help with exam stress

This very interesting French TV news shows how Sophrology can help with preparing exams, dealing with anxiety and gaining in confidence and concentration. It shows the example of A’Level students in a French school. Although it is in French, you can get an idea of how the sessions go at the school. (Click on subtitle of this post and go to see video at bottom of page).

As Sophrology spreads north through the UK this

In General on July 8, 2013 at 7:43 pm

As Sophrology spreads north through the UK this report comes from Lincolnshire in the East Midlands. As one of the first few native English Sophrologist to qualify from the 1st Sophrology Academy in the UK it has been very exciting to be at the forefront of something new, which is proven to have a very positive effect on people’s lives. As a yoga teacher I realised some time ago that not everyone was prepared to get down on a mat to enjoy the benefits of releasing tension from the body by stretching, as a means of gaining a more relaxed state of mind. Sophrology is the answer, opening the door of deep relaxation to everyone, without requiring any equipment or particular beliefs. I have run a number of courses, one to ones and workshops in the local area and the feedback has been very positive, even the doctors have raised their awareness to know that I am leading Sophrology groups and that the benefits to their patients are clear – not everyone needs a prescription. Sometimes just taking time to breathe, to let go and to be in the moment can do the trick. Sophrology is a very powerful tool which can help people learn how to ‘respond’ to rather than ‘react’ to stressful situations. The more you practice the less stressful day to day situations become and you find yourself  no longer ‘waiting for the storm to pass’ but able to ‘dance in the rain’. I am working on the assumption that each person who comes to a sophrology session knows at least 10 people, at least 5 of whom could do with some help to relax, sleep better and feel more alive. Through this network of word of mouth knowledge of sophrology is spreading and it is no longer a word that people have never heard of and can’t pronounce! Lincolnshire County Council have been working on a strategy to raise the profile of mental health looking more at prevention than cure. This is in response to the government’s campaign of ‘No health without Mental Health’. What perfect timing that Sophrology has arrived in the UK  to provide solution to the big problem that is finally beginning to be addressed. I recently wrote to the Department of Health about their huge campaign on ‘Change for Life’ the strap line being ‘Move more, Eat well, Live Longer’ I put it to them that that was all very well but if people don’t change their minds first they are unlikely to be able to sustain the changes they need to make in their lives. So we need to keep on keeping on at the doctors, the councils and the government and we will be heard. 

Lynn Exley,

Spreading of an international English-speaking sophrology network or the 2nd annual ISF Conference…

In General on June 9, 2013 at 2:34 pm

Hello international members of the spreading English-speaking sophrology network !!

When I received last April an invitation to join the 2nd annual ISF conference in Geneva on May,3rd 2013, I thought that such big symposiums were not for me at the moment. I just did not see the point, with the expense of the trip and so on…
But very fortunately Florence Parot talked me into making a presentation “very simple,just between us”, so I was trapped and I went! I must admit I had not entirely grasped the “just between us” concept, but I was very pleased to address a very small community of 13 persons with no powerpoint!
That’s the point! 13 members of the spreading international English-speaking sophrology network, plus the 12 members who assisted last year, that already makes 25 persons using the “French way of relaxing” in English!

Meeting 13 persons in a day with 7 speakers was a challenge that most of us met I think. It was a very nice and friendly atmosphere, full of exchanges of all sorts. The variety of the presentation titles speak for themselves : Idea generation in sophrology and creativity technics, similarities and differences (by Nathalie Bergeron-Duval, France); Finding your niche and how to grow a business with the personal experience of Annette Ebbinghaus (Canada); Sophrology and Golf, how to sophro-coach in sports (by Marco Gastaldi, Luxembourg); Integrating NLP and Sophrology with a great exercice on the wall (by Diana Richtie, Switzerland); A journey with Sophrology or a personal coping experience by Patricia Lindsey, a pionner of sophrology in the Middle-West of the USA.

It’s so nice to feel that we’re at the beginning of something new, useful and international! I’ve had the opportunity in several major creativity symposium in Italy, the USA or Canada to lead a sophrology discovery session; each time I was very surprised to see that it was a real discovery for everyone, the word sophrology and the method was absolutely unknown.
It’s time to change that! Come to join us when we’re still small and “simply between us”.
The next fast spreading English-speaking sophrology network will be held in London on the weekend of 10-11th May 2014. Write it down, it’s a date!
And a great thanks to Dorna Revie and Florence Parot to make all this happen!! BRAVO !!

Nathalie Bergeron-Duval, sophrologist and creativity consultant.

New videos on Sophrology

In General on March 5, 2013 at 12:46 pm

Marion Beauregard, from Vie-tality has recently started a new series of videos on Sophrology and its tools for stress management, sleep, energy levels, weight loss… have a look!

First book on Sophrology in English!

In General on December 17, 2012 at 6:01 pm

Instant Serenity for Life and Work: An introduction to Sophrology by Florence Parot has just been published!

If you have a busy life and cannot switch off, if everything around you is a whirlwind and you definitely have no time to relax or slow down, this book is for you!

In “Instant serenity for life and work”, you will find practical and easy tools that you can use on the go, simple exercises to help with everyday life, even when you have no time.  They are ready to use and you can pick and choose, mix and match what feels right for you.   Thanks to this book, you learn how to adapt more easily to the ups and downs of everyday existence and live a more serene life in a way that is very adapted to our fast-paced 21st century Western world.

This book is meant both as an introduction to sophrology and as a practical guide for life and work. Sophrology, described by his founder as a philosophy, a way of life, a therapy and a   personal development technique, was created in Spain in 1960 and is extremely popular in continental Europe. This book introduces it to the English-speaking public for the first time. 

You can find it here:

Sophrology Diploma now available online

In General on November 14, 2012 at 3:41 pm

This year saw the launch of a website that offers the Sophrology Diploma in English. The Sophrology Center Online ( now offers you the opportunity to earn your Sophrologist Practitioners Diploma by following their course online.

Their first online course started in October this year with the majority of students currently in Hong Kong. The new course is due to start on 20 January 2013.

If you are looking to add sophrology to your current skill set, or just do the course as a powerful self-development course, you should not hesitate to sign up. Visit the Sophrology Center Online website for loads of information as well as downloads of certain sophrology exercises.

This website really will change your life!

Sophrology and stress

In General on October 30, 2012 at 6:19 pm

An interesting article on Sophrology, short and sweet!

A great view on life

In General on October 11, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Everyday, we need to look at the world as if it is the first time. This should inspire you to do so…

Sophrology Seneca College, Toronto, ON

In General on September 1, 2011 at 4:30 pm

Sophrology Workshop at Seneca College, Toronto.  A 45 minute workshop, planned at the last minute.  10 people signed up in the first hour and the numbers continued to grow.  I was amazed at how I managed to fit in a brief history, applications, explanations and two mini exercises.  The results – happy smiling faces, relaxed and energised.

Again much interest in the Diploma course and online sessions.