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Aude’s sophrology’s column – What if stress wasn’t so bad after all ?

In General on April 22, 2014 at 12:14 pm

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The heart of today’s women beats to the rhythm of responsibility overload, constant anxiety about what may happen, difficulty managing their time which is often linked to the desire to want to do everything themselves.

This small daily dose of adrenaline allows us to present our work projects in a clear and intelligent manner, this heart which beats faster and helps us to overcome the meeting with our child’s maths teacher, the sweaty palms that we try and hide when it comes to signing an important contract, all these uncontrollable physical manifestations makes us vulnerable.

However, the heart that beats too fast under the influence of adrenaline is in fact energised to allow it to face a number of challenges.
The extraordinary thing is that stress hides a secret weapon, oxytocin dubbed the “cuddle hormone”. A name that is worth more than we give it credit for! In effect, this hormone protects our heart against the effects of adrenaline and makes us more human! Because after each stressful moment, we are programmed to turn to one another and feel more compassion.

U.S. studies by psychologist Kelly McGonigal have shown that if we rethink stress and learn to understand its mechanism in its entirety, it would be possible for us to live healthier lives, as humanly possible. It’s important to understand that stress is not a bad thing when it is controlled; it is a tool at our disposal.

So, the next time that you spread gifts to beat your challenge, that you get a boost of adrenaline, remember that oxytocin prompts you to turn to your colleague and talk to them, to turn to your child and take them in your arms, catch your favourite person on the phone and talk to someone you love, to reach out to others in order for your body to complete its full stress cycle. So, extend your hands, open your heart, share, reach out to others, it’s the key to happiness and mastering stress!

If you want to know more, I recommend watching the TED talk by Kelly McGonigal:

”It’s not stress that kills us but our reaction to stress.” Hans Selye

*Aude, Sophrologist.


The stomach is also a brain

In Scientific research on February 6, 2014 at 12:24 pm

Passionnante histoire du ventre et bien utile de connaître ces nouvelles découvertes pour la sophrologie.

The evolution of the stomach. Interesting in general and also as sophrologists. In the video they talk about hypnosis, however, sophrology is the perfect tool for relaxing and discovering our own stomach.

2nd brain