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As Sophrology spreads north through the UK this

In General on July 8, 2013 at 7:43 pm

As Sophrology spreads north through the UK this report comes from Lincolnshire in the East Midlands. As one of the first few native English Sophrologist to qualify from the 1st Sophrology Academy in the UK it has been very exciting to be at the forefront of something new, which is proven to have a very positive effect on people’s lives. As a yoga teacher I realised some time ago that not everyone was prepared to get down on a mat to enjoy the benefits of releasing tension from the body by stretching, as a means of gaining a more relaxed state of mind. Sophrology is the answer, opening the door of deep relaxation to everyone, without requiring any equipment or particular beliefs. I have run a number of courses, one to ones and workshops in the local area and the feedback has been very positive, even the doctors have raised their awareness to know that I am leading Sophrology groups and that the benefits to their patients are clear – not everyone needs a prescription. Sometimes just taking time to breathe, to let go and to be in the moment can do the trick. Sophrology is a very powerful tool which can help people learn how to ‘respond’ to rather than ‘react’ to stressful situations. The more you practice the less stressful day to day situations become and you find yourself  no longer ‘waiting for the storm to pass’ but able to ‘dance in the rain’. I am working on the assumption that each person who comes to a sophrology session knows at least 10 people, at least 5 of whom could do with some help to relax, sleep better and feel more alive. Through this network of word of mouth knowledge of sophrology is spreading and it is no longer a word that people have never heard of and can’t pronounce! Lincolnshire County Council have been working on a strategy to raise the profile of mental health looking more at prevention than cure. This is in response to the government’s campaign of ‘No health without Mental Health’. What perfect timing that Sophrology has arrived in the UK  to provide solution to the big problem that is finally beginning to be addressed. I recently wrote to the Department of Health about their huge campaign on ‘Change for Life’ the strap line being ‘Move more, Eat well, Live Longer’ I put it to them that that was all very well but if people don’t change their minds first they are unlikely to be able to sustain the changes they need to make in their lives. So we need to keep on keeping on at the doctors, the councils and the government and we will be heard. 

Lynn Exley,