Spreading of an international English-speaking sophrology network or the 2nd annual ISF Conference…

In General on June 9, 2013 at 2:34 pm

Hello international members of the spreading English-speaking sophrology network !!

When I received last April an invitation to join the 2nd annual ISF conference in Geneva on May,3rd 2013, I thought that such big symposiums were not for me at the moment. I just did not see the point, with the expense of the trip and so on…
But very fortunately Florence Parot talked me into making a presentation “very simple,just between us”, so I was trapped and I went! I must admit I had not entirely grasped the “just between us” concept, but I was very pleased to address a very small community of 13 persons with no powerpoint!
That’s the point! 13 members of the spreading international English-speaking sophrology network, plus the 12 members who assisted last year, that already makes 25 persons using the “French way of relaxing” in English!

Meeting 13 persons in a day with 7 speakers was a challenge that most of us met I think. It was a very nice and friendly atmosphere, full of exchanges of all sorts. The variety of the presentation titles speak for themselves : Idea generation in sophrology and creativity technics, similarities and differences (by Nathalie Bergeron-Duval, France); Finding your niche and how to grow a business with the personal experience of Annette Ebbinghaus (Canada); Sophrology and Golf, how to sophro-coach in sports (by Marco Gastaldi, Luxembourg); Integrating NLP and Sophrology with a great exercice on the wall (by Diana Richtie, Switzerland); A journey with Sophrology or a personal coping experience by Patricia Lindsey, a pionner of sophrology in the Middle-West of the USA.

It’s so nice to feel that we’re at the beginning of something new, useful and international! I’ve had the opportunity in several major creativity symposium in Italy, the USA or Canada to lead a sophrology discovery session; each time I was very surprised to see that it was a real discovery for everyone, the word sophrology and the method was absolutely unknown.
It’s time to change that! Come to join us when we’re still small and “simply between us”.
The next fast spreading English-speaking sophrology network will be held in London on the weekend of 10-11th May 2014. Write it down, it’s a date!
And a great thanks to Dorna Revie and Florence Parot to make all this happen!! BRAVO !!

Nathalie Bergeron-Duval, sophrologist and creativity consultant.

  1. Thanks Nathalie, it was an amazing event indeed and I can’t wait to be there next year!

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