Feedback from Natalia Caycedo Conference

In General on April 18, 2011 at 2:00 pm
Some of the Sophrologists and student sophrologists from Energy Centre Sophro-Ki Sophrology School, travelled to Lausanne to listen to Natalia Caycedo’s Sophrology Presentation.  This was the first time that Natalia had given a Sophrology conference in Switzerland and it was very well attended.
Natalia, being a psychiatrist, gave us an up-to-date explanation on what happens in the brain when we do a Sophrology exercise and how Sophrology exercises work with the brain processing to  quickly produce positive results.  The 4 levels of sophrology were also outlined starting with Level 1,  the Physical body,  Level 2,  the Mind and the Senses,  Level 3,  the emotions and level 4,  ‘all is one’ and she explained the effectiveness of this process in improving reducing the high levels of stress that is generally experienced from modern living.  The areas of sophrology and relationships, sophrology and illness, and sophrology for everyday life, were all touched upon.
Once the explanations had finished, Natalia lead the audience through a simply sophrology exercise for de-stressing and feeling happy. The unanimous agreement of the  efficacy of the exercise was evident from the number of hands that were raised, when asked how many of us experienced a positive difference.
The feedback from the Energy Centre Students was very positive and Natalia was very interested in our work with Sophrology in English.

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