What can be treated by Sophrology?

In General on January 19, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Stress related symptoms (anxiety, insomnia, back pain…)

Identifying and eliminating tensions, developing a better awareness of the factors that create stress in you and of your reactions to them at an early stage to enable you to manage them better.

Mild depression

Regaining and reinforcing self-confidence, developing all the positive aspects of life.

Anxiety, phobia

Learning how to manage crisis, gradually control the source of fear.

Preparation for a forthcoming event

Becoming more confident and positive for exams, interviews, childbirth, surgery etc.


Being more aware of inner resources, strengths and personal values and learning how to develop them.


Sophro-ludic  (game Sophrology) is also effective with children: helping them to control anxiety, lack of concentration, improving confidence and motivation.

Stress Management

You will learn how to relax, to identify your tensions, release them and prevent them from coming back. By developing a better awareness of the factors that create stress for you and of your reaction to them at an early stage, you will be able to manage them better. You will not suppress stressful events but you will be able to respond to them more selectively.


A mental, physical and emotional preparation for birth.
You will learn how to relax, to become more familiar with the changes in your body, more aware of what is going on in your body and to prepare for labour and delivery. Relaxation will help you bond with your unborn baby and be in tune with him/her.

At School

Teachers and parents are often amazed at the effects of Sophrology training. Students become more confident, handle problems and difficulties more calmly, sleep better, are more successful in each area of their life and are more able to manage their life and make their own decisions.


Sophrology is used by many Olympic athletes, as well as those who practise sport for fitness and relaxation. The main aim is to become fully aware of the body – learn to manage the mental side of sport – improve concentration – stimulate motivation – and increase physical power and endurance.

In Business

The objectives of courses in Sophrology  in the business area is: stress management, managing emotions (e.g.. before public speaking), preparation for difficult situations, improving relationships and interpersonal skills, improving communication, improving health, increasing creativity, and motivation. In general, a person who is happy in themselves, confident of their own abilities, has a positive outlook on life, knows how to manage their fears, how to listen and communicate with interest, and feels at ease in the world, is going to be somebody most people want to work with. They are going to be somebody who will affect the business in a positive dynamic way.

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