Reduce MRI anxiety with Sophrology

In General on January 19, 2011 at 2:38 pm

Roughly five percent of the world population suffers from claustrophobia (fear of small spaces), yet it is estimated that ten percent of people who undergo a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan displays signs of extreme anxiety. It is hardly surprising, as an MRI scan is a fairly stressful experience. Being pushed into a narrow tunnel, with an instruction to lie still, is no walk in the park. If you suffer from severe claustrophobia, it might seem like your worst nightmare becoming reality.

For a number of years now, Swiss hospitals and clinics have successfully used Sophrology to combat claustrophobia during MRI scans and prepare patients for the procedure. Using Sophrology’s relaxation method, mastering of breathing and taking stock of the body before a MRI scan, you can control your body’s response and this, in turn, reduces the stress generated by the procedure. Depending on the severity of the claustrophobia, most people require only two sessions with a Sophrologist prior to the scan. The patient is usually also provided with a CD containing the exercises to practice at home for a few days prior to the MRI.

At the request of the patient, the Sophrologist may also be allowed to accompany the patient and guide them through a sophrology exercise right before the MRI. Guided by the Sophrologist’s soothing voice, the patient is taken to a place of total relaxation and inner calmness and will be empowered to cope with the anxiety created by the fear of the enclosed space. “When I started to panic, I started doing the exercise and it calmed me down immediately. I was calm for the rest of the scan” says claustrophobic MRI patient, Diane*.

There is no longer need to fear the MRI! Now you can take on this challenge with confidence.

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