Living from the heart

In General on December 3, 2010 at 2:47 pm

Within the nature of the heart is our capacity to feel and this is the most important part of us.  If we are guided by these ‘heart felt’ feelings we gradually change our vibratory field and this is the key to moving away from mind control and living from the heart.

The essential feelings to pay attention to, and produce more of, are joy, love, appreciation and gratitude.  If we cultivate and move towards  the things in life; the situations, the people, the thought patterns, etc. that produce physical sensations or feelings of joy, love, appreciation and gratitude, then we are living from the heart.  By asking people to do things with us and for us that produce these feelings in our own body,   we not only reinforce our own pleasure we also give the gift of pleasure and love to the other person.  Think of family cats and dogs.  They don’t sit on your lap or rub against your legs to give you pleasure, they do it to get pleasure from you.  However, when we stroke them we find that by giving pleasure, we also receive pleasure.

If we navigate through life by listening to our mind’s, shoulds, have tos, what ifs, and what will others think, then we are not listening to the heart.

Sophrology exercises help us to strengthen, expand, reinforce and proliferate positive physical sensations and body feelings.  Sophrology is like a fertiliser for our inner garden, strengthening the beautiful plants until the weeds have no place to grow.  Sophrology helps us to become aware of which parts of our body are joyful and which parts are suffering.  We can then expand the joyful parts into the suffering parts.

When our production of joy, appreciation or gratitude reaches a certain level it is self sustaining and we become joy, love, appreciation and gratitude.  From that moment on we find that even in when life is turbulent around us, we feel no fear anxiety or worry since our inner sanctuary is stronger and more powerful than the outer world.  What actually happens is that we attract like vibrations to us, so that even in difficult times, we see and experience the moments of joy, love, appreciation and gratitude.

In fact, by regularly practising this, we become living beacons of love, joy, appreciation and gratitude and when we become full to overflowing, these feelings will squeeze out through the pores or our skin and permeate everything and everyone around us.  We can then enjoy and receive from all the joyful, happy people around us.

Till next time!

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  1. Hi, as a mental game of golf coach I became interested in sophrology when I heard about Sergio Garcia using it. This is a really good resource. Thanks!

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